About us

Sebfor.com – Initially launched on April 1st 2013, as one of the first Bitcoin-only related news website. Due to complications we never had the chance to continue our work, creating the end of the first chapter in Sebfor’s history…Quickly isn’t it?

But our passion did not end with the first chapter of Sebfor, on the contrary, it lead us to the opposite; a re-launch of the second chapter of Sebfor in January 2016.

In reality we’re a bunch of nerds who share the same passion and desire for cool technological advancements such as the Blockchain, and decided it was time to bring news to the community in a new cover.

The purpose of Sebfor.com is to establish a content based website (in this case news) that helps to inform our users on the latest developments within the world of Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and more.

We hope that the website will satisfy your needs and expectations. If you’re interested in joining our awesome team and/or have questions regarding the website, please do not contact us.

Got you! Feel free to email us over here.

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