Sebfor in brief, and it’s target is a content material based website (news) providing our users with the newest and the latest developments within the world of Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and more.
Sebfor is consistently visited by thousands of users, all with different interests but with a majority linking to IT and finance.

Why should you be interested?
If your organization creates products or offers services relating to cryptocurrency, finance or other IT categories, then this is the place you want to advertise on.

Press Releases
We also offer the possibility to share official press releases for $39. Press releases can be shared on our social media accounts for a small additional fee. They must contain at least 200 words or more. Check out our Press Release page.

Advertising possibilities
Advertise your organization to this niche target, at a very reasonable price!
This is what we currently provide when it comes to advertising slots:


      • Header Leaderboard                                        970×90 or 728×90

Will appear at the top of the site.

      • Responsive Ad Space Below Article

Will be displayed below the content of each article.

    • Right sidebar box                                                   300×250

Will be displayed on the right side of the website.

    • Wallpaper Advert Image                                1400×600

Will be displayed as the background/wallpaper of the website
NOTE: Due to the nature of wallpaper ads, the content of the site will sit on top of the advert and cover up the middle 1200px of the ad. The only visible area will the the left and right margins of the image which is why the ad should be wider than 1200px.


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