Bitcoin is like Chocolate

Bitcoin Chocolate

Bitcoin is a little like chocolate: it’s mildly addictive in nature, sweet when it’s done right, and very satisfying when you receive it. But there’s a darker side to Bitcoin which (oddly enough) is also like chocolate: when the temperature rises, it can melt down into worthless gunk that nobody wants. And when that happens, everyone loses out.

Human beings are emotional by nature. We want to have some control over how much we make (or lose), and we want to understand how to make things work the best. But as with anything in life, we can’t control human nature with Bitcoin. Our livelihood must necessarily create a profitable structure, or we can’t afford to keep doing it. And so it is with Bitcoin. And chocolate.

Many people who love chocolate open shops and sell the stuff. With Bitcoin, there are people who exchange for Bitcoin only, and worry about the exchange rates with those who don’t or can’t accept Bitcoin. And Bitcoin causes some people enough stress that they put on weight; with chocolate, the substance itself adds stress to the body by means of the diet, and so people gain weight. Like chocolate, too much immersion in Bitcoin is not healthy. It’s good to get out once in a while, to make sure that one’s addiction to the stuff isn’t all-encompassing.

But there are differences: people don’t typically invest in chocolate with a buy-and-hold strategy (the chocolate goes stale after a while; Bitcoins are good basically forever). And there is a difference between the physical product of chocolate and the virtual product of Bitcoin, though you can buy a physical Bitcoin if you want to. But there is a significant number of similarities which equates Bitcoin and chocolate, and the differences (while significant) tend to be very limited in nature.

Is it only a matter of time before we see Bitcoin Chocolates?


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