Jaxx Wallet adds more features including paper wallet importing

Multi coin wallet Jaxx introduced its latest update to its cross platform Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet, offering the ability to import paper wallets onto your device.

Rolling out in the latest release is the option to add a paper wallets to your Jaxx wallet using the camera built in to your device, or by manually entering it. You can scan the QR code on a paper wallet and import the funds directly into Jaxx.

In addition, they have added the ability to view and export all of the public and private keys generated by your master mnemonic passphrase.

Jaxx has developed a cross platform wallet where the user interface is shared across desktop, mobile and browser extension, making it easy to use and visually pleasant for non technical users.

In an interview with Anthony Di Iorio, CEO of KryptoKit, he stated they wanted to build a wallet “…for the average Joe coming on board.”  The Frontier release of Ethereum was a developer preview and was not designed for mainstream adoption.  With the release of Homestead comes the chance to move to mainstream adoption.

Future plans for the Jaxx wallet include the release of a Hierarchical Deterministic, or HD, wallet for the Ethereum platform.  An HD wallet allows child wallet addresses to be created from the original parent key, allowing more choices for addresses.  Di Iorio also stated he planned to roll out new currency pairs, integration with Shapeshift, and a geographical based feature that allows you to buy coins from a local exchange.

Also planning to roll out is a multi purpose scanning button, which will scan the QR code and immediately know what kind of transaction it is.  The QR code could be a public key, private key, paper wallet, Bitcoin or Ethereum, the app will be able to determine what it is scanning and make take the appropriate action.

The Jaxx wallet will also be introducing a custom Gas feature that allows you to choose the amount of Gas you want to provide to a transaction.  In combination with an enhanced custom data feature, you will be able to activate and run smart contracts from the Jaxx platform.

While the wallet is still in beta, Di Iorio hopes to see it move to the stable 1.0 version soon.  When asked about the timeline, Di Iorio said “there is no official timeline for coming out of beta”, adding that “We do a code freeze and see how it goes.”  Di Iorio credits their agile development system for the quick turn around on developing and testing with users.  The Jaxx platform uses a unified one code base, that allows changes made to the software to be deployed across all platforms within hours.

Software isn’t the only thing on the roadmap for Jaxx, as they are also working on a hardware wallet.  When asked about the Jaxx hardware wallet and its future, Di Iorio stated that a prototype was designed a few years ago as a Bitcoin wallet but “was put on hold when work on Ethereum started.”  They plan to release it later this year.  “Hardware is tricky” Di Iorio said, but plans to have a wallet that will handle all the keys for Ethereum, Bitcoin, or any other coin is introduced.  “One master backup will work with all coins that end up being included” Di Iorio said.

Di Iorio said he wanted to build a wallet that would be easy to use regardless of what coin you are using.  “We want to be the default wallet for Bitcoin and Ethereum” he stated.

Recently, Di Iorio and his consulting company launched an infographic on what Ethereum is and how it can be adopted by everyone.



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