KryptoKit adds more security features to its Jaxx Beta wallet


In a posting on reddit Sunday, Anthony Di Iorio, founder and CEO of KryptoKit, announced their Jaxx wallet was going to add PIN security to their popular Jaxx beta wallet for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The release (Beta 0.0.12) is rolling out today to all devices.  Users of the wallet have been requesting the additions be made by the KryptoKit team to increase the personal security of the cryptocurrency located inside the wallets.

The PIN will roll out to each instance running of the Jaxx wallet, but each instance running will need to have its own PIN set. It will be a short term solution for device specific security. Di Iorio stated, “While we still are working to add global password / PIN across all devices via PGP, we were able to institute a device specific PIN in the meantime that can be easily switched over to the global system down the road.”

Di Iorio also went on in the same post to alleviate some of the concerns from users of the wallet about the upcoming move to the Homestead release for the Ethereum platform.  He commented that as long as some of the 3rd party APIs that run in the Jaxx code are also appropriately updated for Homestead, there should be no issue with the transition over.

Di Iorio did reaffirm the long held belief at KryptoKit that the software was still in Beta, and encouraged everyone to backup their Jaxx wallet private keys, as well as reminding users not to store more currency than they are willing to lose.  As was stated in bold letters on the Reddit post, “Reminder: Jaxx is beta software. Please only stick to small amounts you’d be willing to lose.”

Di Iorio also addressed issues some users were having with the mobile wallet for Android.  Some have complained the wallet software did not work on a limited number of Android devices.  A software update will provide information to the KryptoKit team on the models that are experiencing the problems so they can be resolved.  Writing Di Iorio: “This issue originates with an external Ethereum service, not the Jaxx code itself. For this Jaxx release, we have added a modal that will pop up on affected Android devices when users attempt to create a new wallet. This modal will prompt users to send an auto-populated email to our team with their device and OS specs. This information will help us and the external devs to diagnose and fix this issue.”

Information about the Jaxx wallet can be found at their website


*An earlier version of this story stated that the PIN feature was only rolled out on certain devices and not all devices at the same time.  The article has been corrected to reflect this change.  We regret the error and confusion.


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