Lock your love for Valentine’s day with lovock


Lovock Offers Digital Love Locks Ahead of Valentine’s Day 2016

Digital love locks that can be accessed anytime, anywhere

Ahead of Valentine’s Day 2016, one new website is offering sweethearts a new alternative to love locks. Instead of using metallic love locks to profess their love, couples can use digital love locks from

Love locks have become a popular way for couples to show their eternal love, but there has also been a movement to stop people from placing love locks on bridges and landmarks. Over time, locks rust, and this can cause toxins to be leached into the environment. In addition, heavy locks can play damaging weight on landmarks and bridges. Sometimes, couples place love locks on private property. The cost of removing the locks is expensive, and it ultimately defeats the purpose of having placed the lock there in the first place.

Lovock is giving couples a new way to express their love with a new kind of love lock. “Seal your love forever in the blockchain,” said the Lovock team.

Lovock love locks are irremovable and tamper proof, and they are placed in a global distributed network. They are permanent once put into place, and users can access their digital love lock at any time. Digital love locks let couples take a step away from environmentally-harming metallic locks and take a step into the future.

Lovock has leveraged blockchain technology to ensure that their digital love locks last. Using cryptography, Lovock makes sure that its users’ names are locked in time forever.

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, the digital love lock company is giving couples a way to customize locks for each other with a special message. Shoppers can choose from three varieties of locks, Classic, Silver, and Golden. These digital locks come with varying price points and features, including optional lock visibility, character message areas, lock designs, picture attachments, and more.

When someone receives a lock code on Valentine’s Day, or at any other time, they simply go to the Lovock website and enter their code to find their special love lock.

According to the Lovock team, their digital locks give couples a unique, tamper-proof way to convey their love without the disadvantages of metallic love locks. “Using the blockchain means that anything you write there can’t be changed – ever. This goes hand-in-hand with the concept of love locks, because lovers want their locks to be tamper proof,” said the Lovock team.

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