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With Ethereum being a bit less widespread than Bitcoin, you might have trouble finding a wallet that seems better or different than the others. However, the free Peerther mobile Android wallet app for Ether is a simple and easy to use option that requires little to no personal identifying information and works easily right from the first download.

As the market price of Ethereum’s cryptocurrency Ether has gone up in recent weeks, more and more people are seeking ways to learn about Ethereum and possibly acquire Ether. While there are plenty of marketplaces on the internet where one can buy or trade fiat or other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin for Ether, the obvious question after that should be for most people, “where can I store it?” If you do a simple Google search for digital wallets for Bitcoin, you’ll have no trouble finding plenty, so here’s why you should give Peerther a try.

Firstly, the level of personal privacy with Peerther is impressive and not really seen with most apps associated with Bitcoin. Probably due largely to the fact that Ethereum is largely in an early stage of development and Peerther and probably no other Ether wallets are directly connected to fiat-based banks, there’s no need for personal information. Once you download the app from the Google Play store, it’s ready to use.


Second, the app is dead simple to use. There are only three main screens – receiving Ether, sending Ether and your activity page. Right when you open the app you get a snapshot in Activity showing you how much Ether you own and the current price conversion to USD. If you’ve made any transactions with the app, you’ll see the volume of the Ether and date and time of it.

On the Receive page there’s a scannable QR code for people looking to do mobile-to-mobile Ether transfers as well as a public address which you can receive Ether with. I used this public address when I traded Bitcoin for Ether on a marketplace and the transaction showed up immediately and accurately.




A nice feature which I’ve not noticed with even my more established Bitcoin wallets is an easily identified Private Key which is blocked out until you click on it. One thing that needs to be understood about using Peerther is that because there’s no account per-se or personal identifying information, the Ether you own is associated with this Private Key, so if the app gets deleted from your device or if there’s any sort of error, you’ll lose access to your Ether funds if you do not save your private key. So, make sure you record your Private Key and keep it somewhere safe! I’ll be going back over my BItcoin wallets and doing the same as I’ve never done that before and feel silly for having not thought of it until now.


Peether2The Send page is a simple 3-part entry form for the Ethereum Address, the amount you want to send and an allocation for gas price which is automatically included in the transaction. You can also include a note to the receiver. There’s a QR code scanner as well to grab someone’s address for sending.

Currently Peerther is only available for Android, however the creator intends to create an iOS app as soon as possible.

Have you used any Ether apps with similar or better functionality? What do you feel are major features that you need for a satisfying Ether wallet? Let us know by leaving us a comment below!


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