Jaxx: Bitcoin and Ethereum together in your pocket

Mobile app stores are full of wallets for your phone that represent just about all the major altcoins available. Most of the altcoin apps, such as Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Dash, are based on the same template, just refined for that coin. The Bitcoin wallet, being the most popular, is listed on the Android store as having over 1 million downloads to date. But even with the plethora of wallets available, there has been no real Ethereum wallet available that is native to your phone or tablet. That is, up until now.

KryptoKit, the company that provided the cryptocurrency community with products such as the KryptoKit Chrome wallet extension,, and, are now introducing Jaxx, a combination Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet designed to work across multiple platforms. What makes Jaxx unique is it is a combined Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet, that can be synchronized across all the platforms that it is launching on.

Before this, allowed you to create a wallet within a web address and have it accessible on any browser. The key with is the access was completely provided through a unique URL you had to bookmark. You could easily access your funds by clicking on the link, but if you ever lost the bookmark, or accidentally made it public knowledge you could loose all your Ether.

Jaxx is being made available as a browser extension for both Chrome and Firefox, as well as an app on Android mobile and tablet. iOS apps for mobile and tablet have also been introduced, but those apps are installed through a developer beta program, which requires some extra steps at the moment. It is their first foray into Apple apps and the first ever Ethereum wallet for the iPad.

As of February 25th, Jaxx will introduce a desktop client for Windows, Linux and Apple platforms. A Blackberry mobile and tablet version are expected on the 27th and 29th of this month, and later this year a hardware based wallet is expected.

With Ethereum still young in the cryptocurrency world, merging it along with a bitcoin wallet makes sense. Those looking for a bitcoin wallet that can be shared across platforms can get an easy to use product, along with the added benefit of an Ethereum wallet attached to it. When combined with a service like shapeshift, funds can be transferred within the same wallet from one currency to another. This will only go to help grow the demand for Ether.

Anthony Di Iorio, the founder and CEO at KryptoKit, stresses that the current release of Jaxx is still a beta. He encourages people to try it out for themselves, but not to store more value in the wallet than they are willing to lose. With any beta product comes the risk of things not working properly, or not behaving in a way you would expect.

Jaxx looks to have a solid deployment plan, with goals to bring their product to as many platforms as possible. While details are still light on what the hardware wallet will be, or when it will be available, it will certainly help fill a needed spot in the arsenal of ethereum solutions.

Details on the rollout of their wallet, as well as download links can be found on their website

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