This week: The drop in price for Ether, shapeshift hacked, and other stories – April 16

Ether retracts in price – touches 0.016 BTC
This week has seen the price of Ether drop significantly from its all time high of 0.037 BTC, touching the support level of 0.01654 BTC on Sunday. Price fluctuated around 0.01750 BTC until it bumped up again on Wednesday to around 0.01950 BTC.  Many reasons may factor into the current price drop of Ether, including a post Homestead correction in price, a surplus of Ether available without new buyers, and the inability for some to trade and convert their Ether due to downtime associated with (see below) hacked – down for days
In a post on the shapeshift SubReddit page by Eric Voorhees, CEO of, he announced that the unscheduled downtime by was due to their infrastructure being hacked. While confirming that no client funds were ever in jeopardy of being taken, he did state that some of the stored funds of the organization were compromised. In a later update, Voorhees indicated that there was a current investigation underway by forensic analysts from LedgerLabs, and a criminal investigation underway on a suspected former team member.

Jaxx Wallet audit completed
Jaxx wallet by KryptoKit completed their code audit this week.  As a result they have released version 0.0.18 of their wallet.  Recent updates have included the upgrade to a Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallet.  No, this does not mean your Bitcoin and Ether funds are now view able in 1080p format.  It means it will increase the privacy of your wallet and funds by creating many addresses based off the same private key.  Jaxx is very close to coming out of beta, as version 0.0.17 was supposed to be the final beta release until it was decided one more release to smooth out any potential bugs was needed.  Keep an eye out for an official release very soon.

EthTrader subreddit adds new price ticker to their site
Regular visitors to the EthTrader subreddit will notice a new change to the design.  An Ether price ticker has been added at the top of the screen. This was a combined effort by a number of members of the EthTrader community who will continue to be supporting it.  The ticker shows the price of Ether compared to different popular fiat currencies, as well as compared to bitcoin. Also included in the ticker is the current supply of Ether, the latest block number, and the price of Augurs REP as priced out in bitcoins. The ticker is visually striking and is well suited to the trading community associated with the EthTrader subreddit.

Meme of the week
Memes are really why the Internet was invented, isn’t it? Blockchain and Ethereum are no strangers to memes floating around. Each week, we will hunt up our favourite and bring it to you here.

Meme of the week

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